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HD Media Limited offers multimedia agency services that cuts across Creative Content Development through to broadcast. Having started operations as a professional audiovisual outfit, we have built core competence in Video Production, Graphic Designs, Animation and Audio production.
Our office facility is craftily laid out to offer the required technical backbone needed to support our creative efforts; we have a 24-Track Acoustic Audio facility and a Video production & editing zone equipped with state of the art broadcast quality systems. We are confident that our people carry the warmness to work with you as we bring your ideas to reality.

We are committed to changing our world positively by producing visual
contents that are engaging,informative and entertaining, most importantly educative to a large audience of individuals scattered across the globe.

Our services range from audio-visual productions, radio/tv
commercials, documentary/events management, music talent promotion to
social-media management and corporate branding. Since incorporation,
we have been able to build a brand name for ourselves in producing
first- rate media contents to a wide range of clientele.

We  run an internet based television station www.myhdtv.net [1] that
strives to be the No 1 voice for Africa in promoting its people,
culture and business opportunities to the rest of the world. We
passionately believe that the change the world needs lies in the bosom
of African nations.


HD Media is a multimedia world offering core multimedia related services through its core subsidiaries and sharing a common goal which is to impact value through excellent service delivery at all times while supporting our customers and partners to meet their goals and objectives.
The group consists of young, creative professionals organized in focused teams that make up core subsidiaries with core focus on their field of expertise.


Bringing quality and safety to life.

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